Free SEO Tips On Offsite Optimization

The services of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company do not come cheap and so here are a few tips on free Offsite SEO optimization.

Here are a few DIY methods for Offsite Optimization.

  • Articles are very powerful offsite SEO tool. Articles allow you to target the keywords from your website. These keywords are picked up by search engines and are used to categorize your site. They are also what people enter into search engines when looking for something. Articles allow targeting keywords from your site. Use all the keywords that related to your site. The word count is very important when writing an article. Too long and people will shy away for it. Research has shown that the optimal word count for an article is 250 to 400 words. The article needs to be informative, precise and to the point. Avoid plagiarizing other people´s work or will be banned. Articles can be published on Article Publishing sites. Article sites also allow you to place links to your site in the article. If employed properly articles are free, lifelong SEO tools.
  • A blog is also a great way to generate traffic to your site. A blog on your site creates pages on your and attracts traffic. Each page on your site has the potential of gaining you more visitors to your site. Blogs on a site will also give credence to your site with search engines. You can publish material for your site on the blog and link it to other articles of yours. An external blog also works the same way and gives you the chance to place more links to your site. Commenting on posts in other blogs also gives you the opportunity to place a link to your site or blog. Leave a comment and add a signature after the post.
  • As you may have guessed by now linking is very important. The more the links to your site or the more your site is mentioned the better your PageRank will be. Reciprocal linking means exchanging links with sites that have complementary content. Once you locate a site that has content similar to your own, you need to contact the `webmaster´ with an offer to exchange links. Write a personalized email to the webmaster of the site describing your site. Mention the content on your site and how it would complement a certain page or the entire site. Inform the webmaster where he can find the link you would like to exchange and the keyword or key phrase. `One Way Links´ are the best kind, but are very hard to get. A one way link will get you noticed by search engines immediately. Articles are an example of one way linking.

SEO is a lengthy and time consuming process. Allocate time to each method of SEO each week. Your results will improve as your links accumulate.

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