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You need another Website !

So you already have a great website why on earth would buy another one?

The simple answer is to dominate Google’s search results, the more entries of yours that appear on page one of Google the more customers you’re going to get. Plus as you control this site or sites a link to your primary business will be on the front page adding authority to you’re site and improving your reputation in the eyes of Google.

If you buy existing domain names you also inherit authority and backlinks, this technique works very well for local businesses. By searching for expired domains with local specific and niche specific keyword, that have existing domain authority. For example if you have plumbing business in White Plains, NY you search for domains with White Plains and plumbing/plumber etc. in the name. Finding these domain can be a matter of luck and timing, failure to find an existing domain is not the end of the world a new domain with the right SEO technique can quickly provide the same service.

Services Expert Search Marketing Offer

We are constantly looking for good local domain names and often have sites already built in specific areas and niches. Our team builds these sites, completes onsite SEO on them and also runs persistant SEO to them to improve their rank and domain authority. Our services offers some specific marketing options such as Ad Retargeting and PPC Management.

Promoting local businesses is what do, we have put together a comprehensive package for local businesses aimed at boosting their web presense. We are currently looking for 3 local businesses to use as testimonials for our business, we will offer a high value SEO and Local Business Marketing plan to these businesses at a very low one time price, our skilled staff will promote them for a 3 month period.

This package will include some of the following elements:-

Keyword Analysis

3 Months SEO providing backlinks from our high quality Private Blog Network of over 100 quality sites, sites we control so links will never be lost or deleted.

A professional 30-60 Second Youtube video promoting your business, a video we will rank for you.

Full local listing service including Google Local, Yelp, Manta etc.

Social Media Integration

Social Bookmarking links to your site.

We are extremely confident that our service will dramatically improve your internet exposure, increasing your reputation and bringing customers to you. So please contact us today if you are interested in becoming a reference site for our service.

Below is list of sites that currently in basic SEO program, so please feel to examine their backlink profile.

Sites Currently Available for Purchase

San Jose Rooter and Plumbing

San Jose Plumbing Experts

San Jose Real Estate Broker

San Lawn Service

San Jose Town Houses

Attorney at Law San Jose

For full information and prices on our available services please contact us via our contact page.