Organic SEO

Introduction to Organic SEO in 2014

Many people in the industry believe SEO to be dead, and indeed with all the Google Algorithm updates that we’ve seen over past couple of years SEO may not be dead but it is seriously ill.

In the good old days SEO mainly consisted of building backlinks to your site, the more the merrier, search engines saw these backlinks as votes for your site, the more votes the higher your site ranked in the search results. Anchor text with relevant keywords also dramatically helped your ranking for those keywords. Of course this system was open to abuse with companies building software applications that generated thousands of backlinks a week, the end result being the search results did not accurately show the best or most authoritative site for a specific term.

So the reality is while everyone moaned about Google and the loss of rankings, the changes improved the quality of the search results so were beneficial to everyone.

Backlinks to your site still matter and are one of the factors that improve your sites ranks, the different is now they need to be of the highest quality and with less optimized anchor text, in fact if you want to stay clear of the Google’s wrath you need to keep optimized anchor text links to less than 20% of your backlinks. If you’re already over this amount your site could well be under penalty from Google, which will affect your ranking. The other 80% of backlinks should be split evenly between links direct to your site URL and generic links such as “Click Here”,”See our site for details” etc.

Overview of Google Algorithm Updates

Over the past few years Google has made a lot of changes to the secret algorithm that calculates a web sites position for a given keyword, we’ve all heard of Panda and Penguin but here is a comprehensive list of updates from our friends at – All Google Algorithm Updates

 Our SEO Services

Well like a lot of people we had a number of sites that were hit by Google and believe me we have learned our lesson, what it has taught us firstly how to get sites out of penalty (one site was kicked out of Google’s index) and secondly how to optimize our sites for both past and future Google updates. So basically we have already made all the mistakes and so we feel we are in a strong position to help our clients. What we offer is firstly a total review of your site we will then present a 3 month plan with milestones to totally improve your position in Google and bring you customers and ultimately sales. For further information and a free initial evaluation of your site please contact us here.

Local Business SEO

For local businesses we have developed a unique strategy of creating niche specific lead generating sites using aged keyword rich domains. These sites offer customers a free downloadable e-book to help them in selected a company in that niche. The sites are optimized with unique content, introductory video and full social media integration. For further details of these sites click here – Local Lead Generation Sites.