The five things required for an On-page checklist

The On-page checklist helps in increasing the traffic to your website. Essentially there are two major components of SEO, the first being off-page and the second being On-page. Off page SEO deals with optimization which involves link building on websites other than your own. This is basically building the number of back links to your website in order to increase your online presence. This is an essential part of traffic generation to your website. On-page is related with the outlook of the website. It involves optimization of different components on your website to make it search engine friendly or Google friendly. If the On-page or the Off-page suffers then there be a problem in building traffic.

The On-page checklist can involve the following:

  • A title tag is an appropriate title that is required on the webpage; it should be a good one liner that describes the webpage in a glance. The titles should not be more than sixty characters long as sometimes the search engine and other browsers might cut of the text. It is better to have a unique title as some times the internet browser, the search engine and other browsers do not like titles that have been repeated to often. The titles should not be too complicated to understand as it will decrease traffic.
  • Meta Descriptions are meant to be a unique summary of each page which is the main page of the website as well as the inner pages. Adding your main keywords in the Meta description will make a big difference. The tag should be simple and easy to understand by the visitors to your website. The description should not be more than 150 characters long.
  • Header Tags are like headlines; they are always in block letters and are made to stand out. The bold letters help the search engines in understanding that this is important information. It is essential to put in the keyword as it will invite more traffic.
  • Image Optimization: A search engine such as Google cannot see images. They are optimized for fast loading and are in different formats like (PNG) and (JPEG). If you want the search engine to recognize your image then it could be labeled through `alt tags´.
  • Sitemap: this is a table of pages on a website which is accessible to crawlers or users. It could be either in document form or then any form that is used to design websites.

On-page requires other aspects such as Robots.txt, 301 Redirect, Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. These steps mentioned above are very essential for a good On-page, if these components are in order there will be good traffic towards the website.

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